“Once in a Blue Moon” happens Friday!

Good Evening Everyone!


As we head into the weekend, which will be mainly dry with a lot of sunshine to enjoy, folks will want to take advantage of Blue Moon that will occur tomorrow.

Officially, tomorrow is a full moon, which officially happens sometime after 6am in the morning. For us, that means that the earth will be it’s fullest when the sun rises. With the type of forecast we have for Friday night, the moon rise over the ocean should look spectacular.

Some of you why we are making a big deal about this blue moon. Just like the meaning in the saying, it does not happen very often. There are a few definitions of what is considered the blue moon.

1.) When a full moon occurs twice in a Calendar month (i.e: This one, where we had a full moon on July 2 and now on July 31.)

2.) When there are 4 full moons in a season (spring, summer, fall, winter) and the third full moon in a 4 full moon season is considered the full moon.

If you don’t get a chance to enjoy this Blue Moon, the next blue moon will occur in January of 2018…with something even rarer which will occur that year. In 2018, we will have two blue moons…as both January and March of 2018 will have blue moons…in the calendar definition of a blue moon.

Learn something new everyday!!! 🙂