Smashing The Record Books….Again!

Good Evening Everyone!

The last few months across Delmarva have been the warmest in recorded history and it is no different in the month of December.

Depending on the temperatures for Thursday, the average temperature for the month of December will fall somewhere between 51.7 and 52 degrees. This would make this the warmest December ever recorded, breaking the old record of an average temperature of 46.9 degrees set in 2012. We are talking a difference of almost 5 degrees.

Two other stats that fell in the month of December in Salisbury were the warmest low temperature ever set at 66 degrees back on Christmas Day, breaking the old mark of 63 degrees set in 2013.

The other stat was the number of days we had in the month of December over 70 degrees. In 2015, we had 7 days of temperatures higher then 70 degrees. This broke the old mark of 4 days set back in 1998, 1982, and 1971.

Wow, what a warm month! At least it will be more seasonable to start 2016….