The Cold is About To Ease Up!

It is a cold night across Delmarva, and we will see a hard freeze, but milder weather is on the way. The map below shows current temps and how they compare with what we would see on average for the 28th of November. The map is courtesy of the Penn State Meteorology Dept. and notice that most of Delmarva is in the ten percent coldest for 5 PM on November 28. In other words, it was warmer than it is now, 90% of the time over the past 30 years of record.


Out west, temperatures are still unusually warm, and many stations are in the top 10% for warmth. Again, think of it this way, LAX is so warm that 90% of the time it was colder than than this at 5 PM EST on Nov. 28th (over the last 30 years).

A milder weather pattern is on the way for next week with temps. closer to or even above normal for this time of year over much of the U.S. The NOAA 6-10 day average temperature forecast is below. keep in mind this is an overage over 5 days, and there will be a cool snap or two in most areas.