We have seen an abnormally chilly last two months here on Delmarva, but a change is coming as we move into the month of May. At the three major climate reporting stations, we saw temperatures below average for both the month of March and April. March was the coolest month compared to average with temperatures averaging 2 to 4 degrees below normal, but April was not far behind through the 29th of the month with temperatures averaging 1 to 3 degrees below normal. During this time period, each of the stations saw several more days with minimum temperatures dropping below 32 degrees compared to days with max temperatures at or above 70 degrees. In Salisbury, there were 27 days with lows below 32 compared to only 9 days with highs above 70. In Georgetown, there was 20 days with lows below 32 compared to 11 days with highs above 70. Finally in Wilmington, there was 28 days with lows below 32 compared to a measly 5 days with highs above 70, but that is all about to change.


As we head towards the 1st of May, Mother Nature will look to finally realize what season it is and even attempt to jump ahead to summer. Temperatures will soar into the 80s Wednesday through Friday as the southeast ridge builds. It is possible that a few locations hit the 90 degree mark on Thursday, which would be the first time that we have hit 90 degrees since August 22nd of last year, over 250 days ago.