First Images from New NOAA Weather Satellite Released

GOES-R first light image. Click for much larger version.

The GOES-R (Now named GOES-16) satellite is working! NOAA released the first images and animations today. The satellite is still in the test stage and will be for months but we should start seeing non-operational data by May. The image above is a high-resolution full disc shot. Below are some short loops from the ABI sensor.

The colour images are made from a blue light channel and a red light channel combined with a near-IR channel that can be used to substitute for Green, but forecasters like me care about all of the channels which allow us to see water vapour and measure cloud/water temperatures. It will be a while yet before we see the first lightning data, but that combined with the new GOES-R data in near real-time will revolutionise severe weather and longer range synoptic forecasting.

Below is a look at ALL of the channels from the ABI:

The satellite will still be in test mode for several more months, but you may start to see real time images on WBOC Weathercasts in May.