WBOC Shows First Image from new GOES Weather Satellite

By WBOC Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield:

The GOES-16 non-operational data is online! It’s amazing too. I have been looking at one-minute data of storms over Kentucky and Tennessee tonight, and it is a real WOW. I grabbed the images below, and this data quickly told me that the storms in Kentucky were maintaining their strength. I suspect it was very valuable to the NWS offices in Tennessee and Kentucky tonight.

That said this is non-operational data, and if you see it online, remember that it may have issues, missing data etc. There is a host of things that could be wrong with it. Most meteorologists will spot them, but there might be issues that only the NOAA satellite folks know about. In other words, do not depend on it for critical weather info. I am using the data as a training tool right now.

 I think it is incumbent on my fellow meteorologist to say thanks to NOAA for releasing this data ahead of schedule and to be diligent in our warnings about using non-operational data. The reason this data is on early is because of the close cooperation between broadcast mets, and NOAA NWS offices. This cooperation allows American citizens to get the highest quality weather and climate data on earth.

The image below was 4 mins old when I saw it on my screen. Faster than Doppler NEXRAD data!

Click for LARGE image.

I showed GOES-16 data on-air for the first time tonight. Just a single image, a few minutes old, but it was the beginning of a new era. That event is below:
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For you young folks out there- we are entering a golden age of Earth Science- If you want to be involved, now is the time to take AP Physics/Algebra/Calculus in High School. You will then be set to go in college.