A Look Back at the 2014 Weather on Delmarva

A frozen Choptank River near Cambridge, in early 2014. Picture by Metr. Dan Satterfield.

A frozen Choptank River near Cambridge, in early 2014. Picture by Metr. Dan Satterfield.

It was a strange year of weather on Delmarva, with a cold and snowy start, and two notable tornadoes as well.

January and February were cold and snowy on Delmarva, with a low of -6 in Salisbury the morning of January 30. The coldest high temperature of the year was on Jan 22 with Salisbury reaching only 19 degrees. There were warm spells, with Georgetown hitting 71 on Feb. 21, but the winter came roaring back in March with Salisbury recording 11 inches of snow, including a 4 inch snowstorm on March 25th.

In spite of the snowy and cold start to 2014, the winter as a whole was actually in the mid-range of winters over the past 100 years. The slow warming of the past 50 years, means that only older folks remember the colder winters from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Our idea of what a cold winter is, depends on how old you are!, If you are under 40, then January and February were cold and snowy, but not so much if you are over 75!

winter temp ranking

It was a rather cool summer for much of the nation in 2014, and Delmarva was included in the below normal temperatures. Georgetown saw temperatures in August average 2.8 degrees below normal, although for Salisbury the summer ended up about average temperature wise. In most parts of Delmarva however, the overall feel was that of a mild summer, with rain amounts averaging out about normal and even on the wet side.


There were two notable severe weather events in 2014 here on Delmarva, with an EF-1 tornado hitting the Cherrystone Campground near Port Charles, VA in the morning hours of July 24. The tornado killed two and injured 36.

Another tornado hit near Camden in Delaware on May 22, and caused significant damage.

Image from WBOC.

Image from WBOC.

More about this tornado, and our live coverage from Chopper 16 just after it touched down here.

We saw a couple of rare cloud formations over Delmarva as well in 2014. Joe Long in Somerset County took a pic of this “hole punch cloud”. You can learn more about what causes this on our weather blog ┬áhere.

From Jo Long Somerset County

On Friday, October 24, WBOC Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield took this shot of a rare Circumzenithal Arc just outside the WBOC News-Plex. You can learn more about them from our WBOC Weather Blog here.


It looks very likely that the planet will see it’s warmest year on record for 2014. This might seem surprising since most of Delmarva (and much of the U.S.) has had average, to below normal temperatures.



Waves in Ocean City on November 1. Pic by WBOC Metr. Dan Satterfield.

Waves in Ocean City on November 1. Pic by WBOC Metr. Dan Satterfield.

We had a very mild October on Delmarva with temperatures running 4.6 degrees (F) above normal in Salisbury, and 2.3 degrees in Georgetown. Globally, October was the warmest on record, making it three in a row since August and September were also the warmest. A strong low pressure system brought winds over 50 mph to the coast on November first, with waves over 13 feet offshore. Winds were more northerly than northeast, so it was not a classic nor’easter, but it did bring some minor flooding to Ocean City.

The warmth continued into Christmas Eve, with Georgetown recording it’s warmest December 24th ever with a high of 69, while Salisbury fell short by one degree!